Introduction to Law & International Relations

The Introduction to Law & International Relations course is designed to provide an overview of the institutions, personnel, and procedures of the English Legal System and the International Legal System. It also offers an overview of the complexities of international strategic relations that allows students to recognize underlying trends and patterns in the international arena. In particular, students will learn about the role and limitations of law in world affairs. Students will participate in interactive classes, discussions, debates and a mock trial.

The course begins with a brief analysis of the history of the English Legal System and the different sources of law. Students will learn about the way legislation is made and passed as well as the different types of legislation. The course also examines the court system of England and Wales and introduces the range of personnel within the legal system including the role of judges, the jury, barristers, and solicitors. The second part of the course begins with an analysis of how international law is made and how it relates to national systems. It will then evaluate a number of topical issues of global concern such as the use of force (in light of the global war on terror and the rise of the Islamic State for instance), and the protection of human rights.

Lastly students will be introduced to the main theories of international relations, the role of ethics and also the role of international organisations in international politics (e.g. the United Nations, the European Union, the World Bank, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank).

Introduction to Economics & the Business Mastermind

The Introduction to Economics and the Business Mastermind course covers economic theories and their application to practical situations and policy questions. The course improves students’ entrepreneurial skills through developing and executing a business idea from scratch. Students will gain a thorough background understanding of Economics and will also gain the ability to follow some of the current economic debates.

The course commences with lectures on macroeconomics and microeconomics, covering a wide range of theories and topics. This encompassed the ways in which the overall economy works, individual decision-making, supply and demand, market power, and market failure. After mastering these economic theories, students will take on the main business concepts, consisting of marketing, accounting, negotiation, pitching a business idea, and the art of influence. More importantly, students will find themselves engaged in drafting a business idea within a group, and finally executing it during the last few days of the programme. All profits from their venture will be donated to the students’ preferred Oxford Charity.

In 2014, students who participated in this course were featured in the local newspaper for their excellent work in raising money for ROSY, a local charity that helps sick youngsters, through selling scones. In 2015, students successfully raised money for The Child Brain Injury and the Oxford City Charity through selling scones and home-made tie-dyed shirts.

English & Communication

The English and Communication course aims to improve and refine students’ language abilities and to help them to communicate more fluently and effectively in English.

The course starts with developing students’ knowledge in a wide range of grammatical structures and tenses. Students will also be introduced to vocabulary connected to Economics, Business, Law, and International Affairs, and will be given guidance on academic writing style. Throughout the course, students will also improve their communication and oral presentation skills through a number of activities in class including individual and group presentations. By the end of the course, students will be able to produce strong academic essays and have the confidence to speak in English in public.

The Art of Acting and Communication

The Art of Acting and Communication is a course designed to help students to understand and control their presence and voice on stage. It will also allow them to open, explore and expand the use of their imagination. This course is designed to help students gain confidence and provide them with the necessary tools they will need whenever acting on stage, during interviews or speaking in public. In order to express their opinions and point of views correctly, students will learn how to connect their thoughts and emotions through the use of their bodies. During class, we will be working on different relaxation and breathing techniques, movement, expression and voice exercises, which will allow students to use their bodies without harming themselves and to communicate better to their audiences. We will be working with different types of texts and the course will finish with a little showcase of our work.

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