Lawyers & Economists Advanced Programme (LEAP)

LEAP is a highly specialised and selective programme designed to nurture the next generation of lawyers and economists. We have designed the programme to incorporate elements of both Economics and Law as we believe that a solid foundation in these subject-areas is integral for excelling in either field.

LEAP is suitable for students hoping to gain an understanding of both Economics and Law at university level. All students will attend morning lectures in both Economics and Law, and must choose either the ‘Economics strand’ or the ‘Law strand’ as they will attend tutorials in their chosen strand to acquire more in-depth knowledge of the subject.

Students will attend lectures in:

  Introduction to Law & International Relations; AND

  Introduction to Economics & the Business Mastermind.

LEAP accepts up to 18 students onto the programme each year. There will be a Skype interview as part of the application process.

Tentative Timetable

To apply for a place on one of our programmes for August 2019, please click below.