Find out what some of our students have said about their experience with us.

Without any form of exaggeration, this course is/was fundamental for my future career/university decisions. It has helped me a lot, specifying my “options” and making my future “clearer”.

I am very thankful for being a part of this. The great classes, the ambitious group of people and the constant flow of knowledge were some of my most defining experiences. I made some great new friends, a very good friend, and primarily broadened my horizons to an extent that I didn’t believe was possible.

Great time, great fun and great learning! Thank you!

Kian (Austria)
Class of 2016

It’s really been interesting and engaging, and I’m just really excited and happy that I got to go here and that I get to share my experience with other people when I go home. Thank you so much!!!

Langley (Japan / United States)
Class of 2015

Comparing to other schools, it’s really relaxed, but at the same time, very helpful in terms of Economics or Law, if you want to study that. And it’s a very enjoyable thing to do over the summer. So it’s not too much work but at the same time you don’t feel like you’re wasting summer.

Wiktor (Poland / United Kingdom)
Class of 2015

It was like living in a world in little, like a microcosm with everyone, so people from China, Japan and India. It was really fun.

Giulia (Italy)
Class of 2015

My overall experience has been great!

Latanya (United States)
Class of 2015

You and your team are definitely one of the greatest contributors to my academic and non-academic development and I am endlessly thankful for giving me a chance to join the Oxford Spires. It wasn’t just an extraordinary syllabus, which really broadened my horizons outside my chosen field of studying, but much more importantly inspiration (I remember how many students have actually chosen this word to characterize the programme in one word in the final video!).

Nikita (Russia / United Kingdom)
Class of 2014

I would first and foremost just like to thank you for what was probably two of the best weeks of my summer and for creating a truly unforgettable experience for myself and the others who attended the Oxford Spires Summer School. Other than coming away from the course with greater academic understand, I also have made many friends, some of which I have met up with since I left the summer school.

I have been recommending the course to individuals in my boarding house so hopefully it will continue strong for next year and flourish after such a fantastic premiere year. I am not quite sure how I can truly express my thanks and appreciation to you all but I have had the fortune to be taught by teachers from Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard but I have genuinely felt that the degree of teaching I had in the two weeks with you all was on an entirely different level. This last point I mention is the one thing in particular I mention to some of the younger pupils at my school who are hungry to learn and excel in their studies.

George (United Kingdom)
Class of 2014

Alexis is patient in answering every question we raised. His lectures are well organised and easy to follow. I love lessons with lots of questions asked. I expected I can learn some fundamental knowledge of economics. The course met my expectations and I am interested in economics now. His passion in Economics influenced me a lot from knowing nothing about economics to finding it interesting.

Shu Shu is a professional in the IR and IHR field. Her PowerPoints made the teaching clear and I like the recap sessions of the previous lessons. I expected I can get a taste of studying law at university. The course met my expectations and I understand more about politics as well. The skills about writing essays in university helped me a lot in getting familiar with the system of university. The classes were informative and interactive. We had plenty of opportunities to express and exchange our views.

Samantha (Hong Kong)
Class of 2014

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