Throughout your two weeks with us, you will have the opportunity to explore Oxford, London and participate in a range of exciting activities to collect points for your House as part of our annual House Cup!

House Cup

The Oxford Spires Summer School holds a House Cup system, whereby all students will be divided into two Houses – the Phoenix and The Kyuubi. Through taking part in activities, winning games, and performing well in classes, students can help their House gain points. The House with the most points by the end of the course will be the winner of the Cup! Similarly, the individual with the most points, regardless of whether he/she is in the winning or losing House, will also receive a present. Are you ready to join this ferocious battle for the Cup?

London Day Trip

We have set aside a day for a trip to London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. In this leading global city and centre of diverse cultures, you will have the opportunity to visit the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben, Shakespeare’s Globe, Chinatown and other famous attractions!

Oxford Colleges

If you are interested in applying to study at the University of Oxford, we will arrange visits to a number of renowned Colleges (including New College, Magdalen College and Christ Church College). You will also have the opportunity to visit the world’s first university museum – the Ashmoleum Museum at the University of Oxford.


Students will have the opportunity to go punting along River Cherwell and experience first-hand the unique form of transport and tourism in Oxford and Cambridge.


During the two-week programme, students will visit theatres in Oxford and will be offered the choice to watch a variety of theatre performances and plays to experience a very English form of entertainment!

Botanic Garden

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden boasts great historical value. It not only is the oldest botanic garden in Great Britain, but is also one of the oldest scientific garden in the world. The revitalizing smell of greenery and flowers make this trip leisurely and worthwhile.

Oxford Castle

Believed by some to be the oldest construction in Oxford, the Oxford Castle boasts a long history dating as far back as 2000 years ago. Once a castle that serves the monarchs of England, the monument became a prison in the 18th century and held onto the title as one of the harshest until its closure in 1996.

Debate Night

During an evening, all students will take part in a debate that mimics the Oxford Union style. The topic changes every year. Students will be given notice of the debate during the day, with relevant information and resources on the topic provided 1 hour before to begin preparations within their respective teams.

Bicester Village

This famous tourist attractive also serves as a popular shopping destination for the locals. With over 131 stores, this shopping centre is an interesting, relaxing, and enjoyable place for students to spend time at.

On Campus Activities

Throughout the course, students will be engaged in a number of interactive activities. This includes playing board games, musical bingo, treasure hunt, sports activities such as volleyball, queen dodgeball, football, and many more. Students will find themselves more comfortable with each other and form stronger bonds with one another through these games.

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