Without any form of exaggeration, this course is/was fundamental for my future career/university decisions. It has helped me a lot, specifying my “options” and making my future “clearer”.

I am very thankful for being a part of this. The great classes, the ambitious group of people and the constant flow of knowledge were some of my most defining experiences. I made some great new friends, a very good friend, and primarily broadened my horizons to an extent that I didn’t believe was possible.

Great time, great fun and great learning! Thank you!

- Kian (Austria)

Class of 2016

Outside of the lectures the extra-curricular activities were very enjoyable in particular karaoke night, the London day trip and punting. Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Oxford Spires summer school because it has allowed me to make friends for life, challenged my intellect and clarified that law is the career path I aspire to take in the future as result of the tutorials, lectures and debate night.

- Primrose (Zimbabwean/UK)

Class of 2018

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